Identifications E

EBER, Paul

E1 Calendarium historicum. Vitebergae, I. Crato, 1579. 4º. - S: VD16; or- - - 1573. 4º. - S: VD16; or: - Vuitebergae, haeredes I. Cratonis, 1579. 4º. - S: STCG.  - Hist 4º 33

E2 Calendarium historicum. - Too many octavo editions to list.  - Hist 8º 184


EGENOLFF, Christian

E3 Chronica, Von an vnd abgang aller Welt wesen. Auss den glaub wirdigsten Historien beschriben. Franckfurt am Meyn, bei C. Egenolffen, 1534. 4º. - S: STCG which only lists the above and not 1538 and 1542 also specified in the sale catalogue.  - Ger 4º 25


EHEM, Christoph

E4 De principijs iuris libri septem. Basileae, [M. Isengrin], 1556. 8º. - S: VD16.  - JC 4º-16º 19



E5 Rudimenta artis dialecticae. VVitebergae, typis I Schvvertelii, 1574. 8º. - S: VD16.  - Hist 8º 53


ELIJAH ben Asher hal-Levi

E6 [Sefer ha-ta'amim. Wesefer massoret ha-massoret.] Accentuum Hebraicorum liber. Idem liber Traditionum. Tr. Sebast. Munsterus. Basileae, apud H. Petrum, 1539. 8º. – In Hebrew & Latin. - S: STCG, & with thanks to Dr A.K. Offenberg.  - Hist 8º 118

E7 [Sefer ha-harkabah.] Vocabula Hebraica irregularia. Tr. Sebast. Munsterus. Basileae, H. Petrus, 1536. 8º. – S: STCG, & with thanks to Dr A.K. Offenberg.  - Hist 8º 209

E8 Not identified  - Th 4º 9


ELYOT, Sir Thomas

E9 Bibliotheca Eliotae. Eliotis librarie. The third tyme corrected, and enriched. Londini, in aedibus T. Bertheleti, 1559. fol. - In Latin & English. Originally published in 1538 as 'The dictionary of syr Thomas Eliot'. - S: STC.  - Ang fol.-12º 5



E10 Vorlauffer, für die notwendige verantwordung, so Bürgermeister vnd Rath der Stadt Embden aussgeben werden. Gröningen, G. Ketel, 1602. 4º. - S: STCN; with thanks to Marja Smolenaars.  - Belg 4º 25(2)



E11 Grondelicke onderrichtinghe, vande leere ende den geest des hooft-ketters David Ioris, uyt zijne eygene schriften vergadert. David Ioris. Middelburgh, B. Langhenes; pr. R. Schilders, 1598. 8º. – This is the nearest title found to the 'Ketterie' given in the sale catalogue, with thanks to Drs Marja Smolenaars. - S: TB; or: - - R. Schilders, 1598. 8º. - S: TB; or: - - B. Langhenes, pr. R. Schilders, 1599. 8º. - S: TB; or: - - R. Schilders, 1599. 8º. - S: TB – see also C198.  - Belg 8º-12º 59


ENGELBERTUS von Volckerstorff, Abbott of Admont

E12 De ortu & fine Romani Imperij liber. Basileae, per I. Oporinum, 1553. 8º. - S: VD16.  - Hist 8º 199



E13 A colleccion of all the statutes, from the begynning of Magna Carta vnto the yere of our Lorde 1557, which were before that yere imprinted. Comp. . William Rastell. London, in aedibus R. Tottelli, 1559. 4º. - S: STC.  - Ang fol.-12º 11

E14 The greate abbrydgement of all ye statutes of Englande. London, W. Myddylton, 1542. 8º. - S: Cowley; or: The great abredgement of all the statutes of Englande. London, Thomas Petyt, 1542. 8º. - S: STC.  - Ang fol.-12º 20

E15 The statutes from Henry the thirde vnto Henry the VIII. London, in officina T. Bertheleti, 1543. 2 vol. fol. - S: STC.  - Ang fol.-12º 4


ENGLAND. Parliament

E16 Statutes made in the parliament. Anno primo (- septimo) Edovardi sexti. Londini, in aedibus R. Graftoni, 1548-53. fol. - Radermacher may have had one or more of these volumes. The spelling of the King's name varies on the title-pages. - S: STC.  - Ang fol. -12º 3

E17 Twelve unspecified Acts of Parliament, ten from the time of Queen Elizabeth and two from the time King James I. - Apparently a made-up volume, probably folio.  - Ang fol.-12º 34(2)


ENGLAND. Elizabeth I

E18 Elizabethae Angliae Reginae haeresim Caluinianam propugnantis, saeuissimum in Catholicis sui regni edictum. Cum responsione ad singula capita per Andream Philopatrem. Augustae, apud I. Fabrum, 1592. 8º. – Andreas Philopater is the pseudonym of Robert Parsons. - S: VD16.  - Inc [61]


ENGLAND. Church of England

E19 The Booke of Common Prayer after the vse of the Churche of England. – Too many editions to list. - S: STC.  - Ang fol.-12º 24

E20 Constitutions and canons ecclesiasticall, treated upon by the Bishop of London. London, R. Barker, 1604. 4º. – Translated from 'Constitutiones siue canones ecclesiastici tractati & conclusi in synodo inchoata Londini [1603]'. - S: STC.  - Ang fol.-12º 19


ENOCH, Louis

E21 De puerili Graecarum literarum doctrina liber. [Geneva], Oliua R. Stephani, 1555. 8º. - S: STCFS.  - Hist 8º 160


ENTZELT, Christoph

E22 De re metallica libri III. Franc., apud haeredes C. Egenolphi, 1557. 8º. - S: VD16.  - Med 8º 45



E23 Enchiridion. Cebetis Tabula. Antuerpiae, ex officina C. Plantini, 1578. 16º. - S: PP; or: - - - 1585. 16º. - S: PP; or: - Lugduni Batauorum, apud C. Plantinum, 1585. 16º. - The Antwerp 1585 imprint is that of another issue of the Leiden edition, also printed in Leiden for sale at Antwerp. - S: PP.  - Hist 12º-16º 23(1)


ERASMUS, Desiderius

E24 Omnia opera. Cum praefatione B. Rhenani Selestadiensis. Basileae, per H. Frobenium & N. Episcopium, 1540. 9 vol. fol. – The sale catalogue mentions only eight volumes. This may be a mistake or two volumes in Radermacher's set may have been bound together or the set was incomplete. The colophons in some volumes are dated 1542. - S: STCG.  - Th fol 38

E25 Apophthegmas. Tr. F. Tamara. Enuers, M. Nucio, 1549. 8º. – Translated from 'Apophtegmata'. - S: STCD.  - Hisp 4º-12º 55

E26 Colloquia. - Too many duodecimo and sextodecimo editions to list.  - Hist 12º-16º 7

E27 De conscribendis epistolis. - Too many octavo editions to list. This was surely one of the 'Varij tractatus de conscribendis litteris' described in the sale catalogue in this place. Among the others were probably Macropedius, Hegendorff, Verepaeus, but the choice of schoolbooks on this subject is endless.  - Hist 8º 52; 210

E28 De libero arbitrio diatribe sive collatio adversus servum arbitrium Lutheri. - Too many octavo editions to list.  - Th 8º 158; 203; 231

E29 De recta latini graecique sermonis pronunciatione dialogus. Basileae, in officina Frobeniana, 1528. 8º. – S: Adams; or: - Dialogus cui titulus, Ciceronianus. Basileae, in officina Frobeniana, per H. Frob. I Heruag. N. Episcopium, 1530. 8º. – S: Adams; or: De recta Latini sermonis pronuntiatione. Lutetiae, ex officina R. Stephani, 1547. 8º. – S: Adams; or: - Basileae, [H. Froben & N. Episcopius], 1558. 8º. – S: STCG.  - Hist 8º 185(1)

E30 Ecclesiastae siue de actione concionandi libri quatuor. Basileae, in officina Frobeniana per H. Frobenium & N. Episcopium, 1535. fol. - S: STCG.  - Th fol 167

E31 Paraphrasis in Nouum Testamentum. - Too many octavo editions to list.  - Th 8º 102

E32 Preparation à la mort. s.l., 1543. 16º. - Translated from 'De praeparatione ad mortem'. - S: BN.  - Gall 8º-16º 135

E33 Vita Erasmi ex ipsius manu fideliter repraesentata. Ed. Paulus Merula. Lugduni Batauorum, in officina typographica T. Basson, 1607. 4º. - S: Simoni.  - Hist 4º 143

E34 Vitae Caesarum quarum scriptores C. Suetonius Tranquillus [and others]. Ed. D. Erasmus. Basileae, per H. Frobenium & N. Episcopium, 1546. fol. - S: STCG.  - Hist fol 56



E35 De astrologia diuinatrice epistolae. Ed. J.J. Grynaeus. Basileae, per P.Pernam, 1580. 4º. - S: STCG.  - Hist 4º 44

E36 Disputationum de nova medicina Philippi Paracelsi pars prima (-quarta). Basileae, apud P. Pernam, 1572,73. 4 pt. 4º. - The copy at Med 4º 8 consisted of two volumes only, either because they were bound in two volumes or because Radermacher's set was incomplete. - S: VD16.  - Med 4º 8; 16

E37 Disputationum & epistolarum medicinalium volumen doctissimum. Ed. T. Maderus. Tiguri, apud I. VVolphium, typis Frosch., 1595. 4º. - S: Adams. Med. 4º 1 (2).  - Hist 4º 96(2)

E38 Explicatio grauissimae quaestionis vtrù ;m excommunicatio, mandato nitatur diuino, an excogitata sit ab hominibus. Pésclavij, apud B. Sultaceterum, 1589. 4º. - The imprint is false; in fact published in London by J. Wolfe. The name of the fictitious printer is an anagram of that of the editor, Jacobus Castelvetrus. - S: STC.  - Th 4º 22; Inc [50]


ERCKER, Lazarus

E39 Beschreibung aller furnemisten Mineralischen Ertzt vnnd Bergkwercks arten. Franckfurt, in verlegung S. Feyerabends; pr. I. Schmidt, 1580. fol. - The sale catalogue wrongly specifies 1510. - S: STCG.  - Ger fol 33



E40 P.Virgilii Maronis Bucolicon, Georgicon et Aeneidos Vocum omnium ac rerum sylvae. Index certissimus. Venetiis, apud F. Ramparetum, expensis M. Sestae, 1565. 8º. - Also known as 'Scholia, & Index in Virgilium'. - S: GSS.  - Hist 8º 57



E41 Histoire de la mappe-monde papistique. La Ville de Luce-Nouuelle, Brifaud Chasse-Diables, 1567. 4º. - Pseudonymous. The real author is probably Jean Baptiste Trento who worked in conjunction with the artist Pierre Eskrich. The imprint is fictitious; in fact published at Geneva by F. Perrin. A large atlas, bearing the same pseudonym for its author, should accompany the text. If it did so with Radermacher's copy, the plates may have been folded and bound into the text volume for it to be described as quarto. - S: Wahrman.  - Gall 4º 15



E42 L'agriculture et la maison rustique. Ed. Jean Liebault. [Paris], I. Du-Puys, 1589. 4º. - Translated from 'Praedium rusticum'. - S: Adams.  - Gall 4º 5

E43 Praedium rusticum, in quo cuiusvis soli vel culti vel inculti plantarum vocabula ac descriptiones describuntur. Lutetiae, apud R. Stephanum, 1554. 8º. - S: BN.  - Hist 8º 170

E44 Thesaurus M. Tullii Ciceronis. Parisiis, apud C. Stephanum, 1556. fol. - S: Adams.  - Hist fol 86



E45 Ciceronianum lexicon Graecolatinum. Loci Graecorum authorum. [Geneva], ex officina H. Stephani, 1557. 2 pt. 8º. - S: STCFS.  - Hist 8º 185(2)

E46 Conciones sive orationes ex Graecis Latinisque historicis excerptae. Ed. H. Estienne. [Geneva], H. Stephanus, 1570. 2 pt. fol. - S: STCFS.  - Hist fol 50

E47 De Latinitate falso suspecta. [Geneva], H. Stephanus, 1576. 8º. - S: Adams.  - Hist 8º 64

E48 De Lipsij Latinitate palaestra. Francofordii, MCXCV [1595]. 8º. - S: VD16.  - Hist 8º 180

E49 Discours Merveilleux De La vie, actions & deportemens de Catherine de Medicis Royne mere. 1575. 8º. - S:Chaix.  - Gall Inc 13

E50 Glossaria duo e situ vetustatis eruta. [Geneva], H. Stephanus, 1573. fol. - Also published as last part of 'Thesaurus Graecae linguae'. - S: Chaix.  - Hist fol 83

E51 Introduction au traité de la conformité des merveilles anciennes avec les modernes. Ou Traité préparatif à l'apologie pour Herodote. [Geneva?] G. des Maresc, 1572. 8º. - The imprint is false. Chaix doubts Geneva and suggests Zürich, but Vischer does not record it. The imprint [Paris] given in the BL General Catalogue is certainly wrong, suggested no doubt as one of last resort. - S: Sallengre.  - Gall 8º-16º 72

E52 Schediasmatum variorum, id est, obseruationum, emendationum, expositionum, disquisitionum libri tres. [Geneva], H. Stephanus, 1578. 8º. - S: STCFS; or: - - alii libri tres. [Geneva], H. Stephanus, 1589. 8º. - S: STCFS.  - Hist 8º 93(1)

E53 Thesaurus Graecae linguae. [Geneva], H. Stephanus, 1572. 6 vol. fol. - According to the sale catalogue Radermacher's set consisted of only five volumes. - S: Adams.  - Hist fol 82

E54 Traicté de la conformité du Language Françoys auec le Grec. Genève, H. Estienne, 1565. 8º. – S: Chaix; or: - Paris, R. Estienne, 1569. 8º. - S: STCF; or: - Paris, J. du Puis, 1569. 8º . - S: Adams.  - Gall 8º-16º 78



E55 Ad censuras theologorum Parisiensium responsio. [Geneva], oliua R. Stephani, 1552. 8º. - S: Adams.  - Hist 8º 215

E56 Concordantiae Bibliorum vtriusque Testamenti. [Geneva], R. Stephanus, 1555. fol. - S: STCFS.  - Th fol 13

E57 Les declinations des noms & verbes que doibvent scavoir entierement par coeur les enfans, auxquels on veult bailler entree à la langue Latine. Ex fragmentis Maturini Corderii descripta. Lugduni, apud T. Paganum, 1552. 8º. - The Bordeaux 1572 edition specified in the sale catalogue has so far not been found. - S: Gültlingen.  - Gall 8º-16º 87

E58 Dictionaire françoislatin. Ed. Jehan Thierry. Paris, J. Macé, 1564. fol. - S: Beaulieux; with thanks to Prof. William Jones.  - Gall fol 19

E59 Dictionarium Latinogallicum. Parisiis, ex officina R. Stephani, 1538. fol. - S: Adams; or: - - - 1544. fol. - S: Adams; or: - - - 1546. fol. - S: Adams; or: - Ed. C. Estienne. Parisiis, apud C. Stephanum, 1552. fol. - S: Adams; or: - - apud I. du Puys; pr. C. Stephanus, 1561. fol. - S: Adams.  - Hist fol 88

E60 Dictionarium propriorum nominum virorum mulierum quae in libris prophanis leguntur. Parisiis, ex officina R. Stephani, 1541. 4º. - S: Adams.  - Hist 4º 83

E61 Dictionariolum puerorum tribus linguis Latina, Anglica et Gallica conscriptum. [Eng. tr I. Veron.] Londini, apud R. Wolfium, 1552. 4º. - S: STC.  - Ang fol.-12º 7



E62 Euclides. - Too many folio editions to list.  - Hist fol 140(1)

E63 Elementa geometrica. Parisijs, apud I. Royerium, 1566. fol. - S: STCF.  - Hist fol 126

E64 Elementorum libri XV. Tr. F. Commandinus. Pisauri, apud F. Francischinum, 1572. fol. - S: STCI.  - Hist fol 131(1)

E65 Elementorum libri XV. Accessit XVI. de solidorum regularium comparatione. Ed. C. Clauius. Coloniae, expensis I.B. Ciotti, 1591. fol. - S: VD16.  - Hist fol 130(1)

E66 Elementorum libri XV. - Too many octavo editions to list.  - Hist 8º 194(2)

E67 Orontii Finei in sex priores libros geometricorum elementorum Euclidis demonstrationes. Tr. B. Zambertus. Parisiis, apud S. Colinaeum, 1536. fol. - The Euclidean text in Greek & Latin. S: STCF.  - Hist fol 134(1)

E68 Die sechs erste Bücher Euclidis. Tr. Wilhelm Holtzmann called Xylander. Basel, I. Kündig in Oporini kosten, 1562. fol. - S: STC.  - Ger fol 23(2)



E69 De vitis philosophorum et sophistarum. Tr. H. Iunius. Antuerpiae, C. Plantinus, 1568. 8º. - S: STCD.  - Hist 8º 192



E70 Euripides in Latinum sermonem conversus, adjecto textu Graeco. Tr. G. Stiblinus. Basileae, per I. Oporinum, 1562. fol. - S: STCG.  - Hist fol 99

E71 Tres tragoediae, Phoenissae, Hippolytus coronatus atque Andromacha. Tr. G. Ratallerus. Antuerpiae, C. Plantinus, 1581. 16º. - S: STCD.  - Hist 12º-16º 23(2)


EUSEBIUS Pamphili, Bishop of Caesarea

E72 Chronicon. Tr. Hieronymus presbyter. Ed. J.L. Santritter. Venetiis, E. Ratdolt, 1483. 4º. - S: STCI; or: - - Ed. J. Multivallis, St Prosper of Aquitaine. In alma Parisiorum Academia per H. Stephanum, cura eiusdem & I. Badij, 1512. 4º. - S: CL; or: - [Paris, H. Estienne, c.1515]. 4º. - S : STCF; or: - -, per H. Stephanum, 1518. 4º. S: Adams.  - Hist 4º 39

E73 De euangelica praeparatione, libri XIIII. Tr. G. Trapezuntius. Venetiis, per B. Vercellensem, 1501. fol. - S: Adams; or: - Parisiis, ex officina A. Augerelli, vaenit A. Augurello & S. Colinaeo, 1534. fol. - S : Adams; or: - Coloniae, H. Alopecius, 1539. fol. - S: VD16; or: Euangelicae praeparationis lib. XV. Lutetiae, ex officina R. Stephani, 1544. fol. - S: Adams.  - Hist fol 75(2)

E74 Ecclesiasticae historiae autores. Basileae, per H. Frobenium & N. Episcopium, 1562. fol. - S: VD16.  - Hist fol 15



E75 Ephemerides novae et exactae, ab anno 1590, ad annum 1610. Lugduni Batavorum, [J.C. van Dorp], 1597. 4º. - S: BB.  - Hist 4º 30


EVERARDI, Nicolaus, of Middelburg

E76 Consilia siue responsa. Francofurti, apud F. Bassaeum, impensis N. Bassaei f., 1577. fol. - S: VD16; or: - - apud N. Bassaeum, 1594. fol. - S: VD16.  - JC fol 17



E77 De herba panacea, quae alii tabacum, alii petum vocant, breuis commentariolus. Antuerpiae, apud I. Bellerum; typis Ae. Radaei, 1587. 16º. - S: STCD.  - Med 12º-16º 19


EVERSDIJCK, Cornelis Fransz

E78 Tractaet vande wynroede. Middelburg, S. Moulert, 1613. 8º. - S: Bierens de Haan.  - Belg 8º-12º 62



E79 The expositions of the termes of the lawes of Englande. London, in aedibus R. Tottell, 1575. 8º. - S: STC;Cowley.  - Ang fol.-12º 31


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