The Radermacher Sale Catalogue


The Radermacher project:


The rich book collection of merchant and humanist Johan Radermacher the Elder (1538-1617) was sold by auction on 7 August 1634 at Middelburg in his son Steven's house and the printed catalogue had been produced by bookseller Johannes Hellenius (Hans van der Hellen). A copy of the Catalogus miscellanevs variorvm ac insignium imprimis Latinorum, Italicorum, Hispanicorum ... librorum ... Ioannis Radermacheri senioris ... can be found in Cambridge University Library (Hhh. 1133.5).


The identificaton of the titles in the Radermacher auction catalogue has been a monumental task, undertaken by Anna Simoni, the bibliographer who worked in the British Library for many years until her retirement in 1981. The output of her work on the Radermacher catalogue can be found on this website. Click here to go straight to the Catalogue. Use the buttons below or the menu at the top of the page to find out more.