The Radermacher Sale Catalogue

Editorial notes 

After Anna Simoni's death, her computer files on the Radermacher catalogue have kindly been given to me by her husband and I later received several parcels of material found in her study via her good friend Sue Roach, such as photocopies, correspondence and many of the paper slips she used for each title. To begin with, I converted the text files into HTML-files and added the framework as can now be seen on these web pages. I then went through the correspondence and the paper slips to add any identifications that had not yet been entered in the files. Where gaps remained, either because Anna had not yet identified a title, or because a paper slip was missing, I have tried to find an identification by consulting various online catalogues. Any identification supplied by me ends with (ms). These should not be confused with the entries made by Anna in which she acknowledged the help I, or indeed other friends, were able to give her and which contain the phrase "with thanks to XXX". 

The auction catalogue entries have been transcribed as faithfully as possible, including mistakes made by the compositor. No attempt has been made to point out these mistakes by using [sic ], except where inconsistencies in the numbering could cause confusion, such as in Libri Gallici in 8. & 16 where 29 was mistakenly numbered 22. The transcription is given in bold type.
Where possible in HTML, accented letters (à, á ü, etc.) and ligatures (æ, œ and ß) have been represented as in the original. E-caudata (e with a small hook) has been represented by ae. Stylistic ligatures (where two letters have been fused to form one typesetting unit) have been silently expanded. Abbreviations have not been expanded, except those represented by a superlinear stroke over the last letter. 
 Each identified title has been given a code which corresponds to the alphabetical list of identifications. If one entry consisted of two or more separate titles, [2], [3], etc. have been added to the entry to demarcate the separate identifications. Two or more corresponding codes will appear after the title.

The identifications of the titles can be seen between brackets after the transcribed title which is given in bold, or in the alphabetical identification lists. Identifications have frequently been made from bibliographical reference works and only in a limited number of cases from the actual book. This unfortunately resulted in some inconsistencies, as not all catalogues and reference works are laid out according to the same principles of completeness. Where possible, information on the place of printing, the printer and the format of the edition has been supplied. The source of the bibliographical information found has been given at the end of the identifications preceded by '- S: ' (see here for a list of works used). It must be pointed out that identifications can frequently only suggest an edition as not all catalogue entries contain enough information to identify just one edition. It is, therefore, by no means always certain that Radermacher owned the particular edition given. Where more editions are possible, a number of them have been listed or the all-covering phrase "too many editions to list" has been used. 

Unidentified titles
Despite Anna Simoni's best efforts, some titles have not been identified, although the catalogue entry seems detailed enough to make identification possible. Sometimes, the author of a particular work is known, but the title is too vague to identify the work, such as in Theologi in octavo (number 32) "Bezæ & Sadeelis Varia". These have been entered under the author's name. In other instances, neither the author, nor the title could be identified, such as, for instance, the entry in Theologi in octavo (number 79) "Doctrinæ Jesuitarum refutatio & alia". For these 'Not identified' has been entered. I will do my very best to supplement these missing titles and suggestions are most welcome. 
Some catalogue entries are so vague that they cannot possibly be identified, such as "12 Engelsche boecxkens" in the Fasciculi (number 7). They have been left as they are without any attempt to clarify the identification.

Many people have helped Anna Simoni with her work on the Radermacher catalogue, all of whom she no doubt intended to thank in the final version of her work. Some of these people could be identified from correspondence found in her study or from an acknowledgements she added to the identifications of a particular title, but it is possible that some names have unintentionally been omitted; to these people sincere apologies.
In alphabetical order: Jos Biemans, Karel Bostoen, Rolf Bremmer, Elly Cockx-Indestege, Kees Gnirrep, Hans Gruys, Lotte Hellinga, Dirk Imhof, William Jones, Otto Lankhorst, Ad Leerintveld, Giles Mandelbrote, Chris Michaelides, Sister Sarah Newton, Adri Offenberg, David Pearson, Dennis Rhodes, T. Reimo, Bram Schuytvlot, B. Vermaseren. 

Please note that in October 2019, the website has been moved to another platform and the work presented here is still work in progress and minor defects are in the process of being smoothed out. Should you find any faulty links or other mistakes, please report them to me and I will rectify them immediately. I am aware of the fact that some accented letters or other symbols are seemingly represented by a ?; this is a conversion problem and will be corrected in due course. 

Marja Smolenaars